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Automatic Auger Powder Conveyor

Model: XF-S


The XF-S auger powder conveyor can lift and feed several kinds of powder and granule type material. Automatic auger conveyor can combine with our packaging machine to feed the material automatically. It also can be used separately. Except the motor and the bearing, other parts are made of stainless steel.


1. Auger powder conveyor uses normal material - 304 stainless.
2. The hopper can be made in round shape, so there is no corner for the material.

Technical Parameter

Model XF-S Auger Powder Conveyor
Lifting Capacity 1 m3/h, 3 to 5 m3/h
Volume of the hopper 110L, 230 L
Power Supply 3 phase 380V/220V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power 600 W, 1200W
Weight of automatic auger conveyor 180 kg, 150 kg
Dimension 860 × 900 × 1100 mm
Lifting 1600mm, 1800mm above the floor
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