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Automatic Liquid Filling Production Line

Model: XFY


XFY liquid filling production line is including the bottle feeder-liquid filling machine, capping machine, aluminum foil induction sealing machine, labeling machine, ink printing machine and bottle collector.


This bottle filling machine is mainly used for filling, lidding, capping the 30 to 500ml bottles. The machine is combined the process of filling and capping with the function of advanced design, compact structure and easy bottles change.

Parameters of XFY Liquid Filling Production Line

Output 60 to 80B/M
Bottle specification 30 to 500ml glass or plastic bottle Or customized
Sealing rate ≥ 99%
Sealing way Capping, crimping or spiral twisting
Power supply 380V, 50Hz three-phase
Power of bottle filling machine 2 kW
Dimension (mm) 2900 × 1300 × 1650 (including bottle feeding machine)

Sample of XFY Liquid Filling Production Line

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