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Automatic Case Palletizer

Model: XFC-MD


This XFC-MD automatic case palletizer is used for accumulating and staking the loaded cartons to the pallet automatically, which can stack for layers, then sent out of the palletizer, it is easy for the forklift taking to the warehouse.


The automatic case palletizer consists of carton feeding, accumulating system and pallet magazine, which is widely used in food, beverage, chemistry, pharmacy, wine, etc.


1. Touch screen operation, PLC control, carton stacking pattern, stacking layers, empty pallet feeding and loaded pallet discharge, all can be set in PLC.
2. Imported chain of automatic palletizer packing machine features anti-wear, high precision and stable transporting.
3. Pneumatic parts and cylinder has the brands of Germany FESTO, Taiwan Air Tec, and Japan SMC for choose.
4. Automatic case palletizer alarms and stops when error occurs (error information displays in the touch screen).
5. Stacking patterns could be done via touch screen, which assures stable and high efficient of stacking.
6. Carton feeding system is controlled by brake motor, which ensures the cartons sent to the designated position.
7. Empty pallet magazine can store 10 to 12 pallets and feed to the pallets to the palletizer automatically.
8. Safety door has the sensor installed. Automatic palletizer packing machine stops when door is open.

Parameters of Automatic Case Palletizer

Power 9kW
Power supply AC/three phase/380V/9kW/50HZ
Compressed air consumption 500NL/MIN(Air using: 5 to 6kg/cm2)
Overall Dimension L ×W × H: 7300 mm × 4100 mm × 3300 mm
Weight 6500 kg
Speed 25 carton/min
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