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Automatic Liquid Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Model: XF-FB4


The XF-FB4 automatic liquid cup filling sealing machine adopts SU304 stainless and is applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components, such as Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens PLC and touch screen, Schneider switch, OMRON appliances and temperature controller and Airtac cylinder and pneumatic pressure regulating valve. In addition, it can be customized that according to your special requirements.


Automatic liquid cup filling sealing machine is widely used in various kinds of plastic cup and aluminum cup for liquid, paste, powder filling and sealing, such as jelly, yogurt, fruit juice, spices, sauce, soy milk, coffee powder, soy, plum juice, soybean milk, green bean paste of ice, etc.

Working Process

Liquid filling machinery can automatically finish the process of filling, sealing, cutting, and printing the code, sterilizing in ultraviolet radiation and falling cup.
Automatic cup loading → automatic filling → UV sterilization → date coding → sealing 1 → sealing 2 → output

Technical Characters

1. The production capacity is form 3000 to 4000 cup/hour by use of PLC control system.
2. Pour plug filling features high precision, entire roboticized work, stably and efficiently unit, which is applied for liquid and semi-fluid class material.
3. The important machine parts are made by advanced precision machining center, which features stable work, advanced performance, reliable quality and long service life.
4. Automatic liquid cup filling sealing machine is filling for different specifications container. At the same time, it can equipped with various filling type like self-flow, pour plug, measuring cup, negative pressure and screw type.
5. The temperature control system uses brand-new Omron electric heating constant temperature controller, which is a new generation of intelligent heating system with features of energy saving, new design, rational construction.
6. In addition, temperature control system adopts acid-proof stainless steel materials, complying with hygienic standard and convenient for maintenance.


Model XF-FB4 Automatic Liquid Cup Filling Sealing Machine
Filling head Each row of 4
Filling method Single piston filling
Production capacity 3000 to 4000 ( cup/hour)
Filling volume 30 to 500ml
Precision of liquid filling machinery 99%
Powder 4.0 kW
Air consumption 0.65 m3/min
Temperature 0 to 400℃
Voltage 220V or 380V (It can customize according to customers special requirements)
Weight 1100 kg
Dimension (mm) 3100 × 750 × 1650

packing sample of Liquid Cup Filling Sealing Machine

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