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Automatic Granule and Powder Packing Machine

Model: XFL-KF


This automatic granule and powder packing machine is widely applied for food, pharmacy and chemical products in mesh size range from 120 to 240, such as milk powder, Soya powder, cosmetic powder, slimming tea, medical powder, etc.


1. Independent PID controls the temperature, which is more suitable for different packing materials.
2. Granule and powder packing equipment adopts addable code printer, which can print date of manufacture, expiration date and validity date.
3. The automatic granule and powder packing machine can finish the work of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting automatically.
4. The driving system is simple and reliable, and its maintenance is easier.
5. Either length control setting or photoelectric color tracing, bag length is set and cut in one step, which save time and film.
6. Applicable material should be heat sealable films like: PET/PE, Paper/PE, PET/AL (PET-AL) PE,OPP/PE

Technical Parameter

Type XFL-FK Automatic Granule and Powder Packing Machine
Dosing method Auger dosing and cup dosing
Weighing range 0 to 100 ml
Packing speed 40 to 60 (bag/min)
Bag size (W): 30 to 120 mm (L): 30 to 155mm
Power 1400 W
Power supply 380V or 220V or customized
Weight 180 kg
Dimension (L × W × H) 625 × 750 × 1560 mm

Sample of Granule and Powder Packing Equipment

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