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Automatic Salt Packing Machine

Model: XFL


Automatic salt packing machine can combined with weighing device, material feeder, bag making, date coding, etc. The wrapping material is all kinds of multilayer heat-sealable films. Match with different filling head, the machine can pack powders, granule, liquids, and pastes in three side or four side sealed sachets.


This automatic salt packing machine can pack the powder or granule type common salt. Its applicable packing materials include OPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/VMCPP and other complex materials.


1. According for the enterprise safety management requirement, the equipment is equipped with automatic safety protection system.
2. Safety and accurate film conveying, highly precision bag length by equipping with the servo-driving
3. Our automatic salt packing machine features compact structure, steady capacity and easy operation.
4. The intellectual temperature controller guarantee the seal looks flat and beautiful.
5. The part touch with the food is made of stainless 316L, and the other part is made of 304 Stainless Steel.

Technical Specification of Vertical Salt Packing Equipment

Finished bag size Length 80 to 300 (mm)
width 80 to 200 (mm)
Capacity 35 to 55 (bag/min)
General Power 4 (kW)
Total Weight 500 (kg)
Outer Dimensions 1800 × 1040 × 2800 (mm)
Power Supply Type 220V, 50Hz
Max. Packaging Film 420 (mm)
Air Compressing Quantity 6 kg/cm2, 0.4 m3/min

Packing Samples of Automatic Salt Packing Machine

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