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Automatic Two Auger Head Powder Filling Machine


This automatic two auger head powder filling machine is equipped with two sets of dosing unit for different size: pre-dosing and complement dosing. Three sets of servo driver and touch screen ensure the entirely improvement in precision and speed.

Features of Two Head Auger Filler

1. Touch-screen man-machine interface features work-stability, anti-interference, high-precision weighing, easy and intuitive to operate.
2. The packaging weight can be stepless regulated and the working mode can be changed anytime. It is easy to operate.
3. Servo motor driving screw features high-precision orientation, high-speed, great-torque, long-life, setup rotate speed and stable performance.
4. Stirrer is driven by the Taiwanese motor reducer, which has the characters of low noise, long life and maintenance-free life.
5. The automatic two auger head powder filling machine is made of stainless steel material except of motor, accepting the application of GMP, food sanitation certification, which is suitable for the anticorrosion materials.
6. Weighing feedback tracking type is a form of measurement, which can get rid of the shortage of variation of packaged weight caused by proportion change of different materials.
7. Side-open of the composite hopper is made of stainless steel and consists of glass and damp.
8. The material movement is visible at a glance through the glass, and air-sealed is avoid the leak.
9. The discharge material mouth with the dust collector protects the workshop environment.
10. Replacing the auger parts: it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.

Specification of Automatic Two Auger Head Powder Filling Machine

Metering Mode Dual auger filling & weighing
Size of the container Cylindrical container: φ50 to 180mm, High 50 to 350mm
Packing weight 10 to 5000G (The screw attachment is to be changed)
Weighing range 1 to 6000G (Resolution is 01g)
Filling accuracy of two head auger filler ≤ 500g,with an error ≤±1.5g
500 to 1000g,with an error ≤±2.5%g
>1000g, with an error ≤ ±4g
Filling Rate 25 to 55cans/min
Power supply of automatic two auger head powder filling machine 3P/380V (1P/220V according your requirement) 50 to 60Hz
Total power 3 kW
Use tolerance 0.2 m3/min
Total weight 700 kg
Overall Dimensions 3330 × 1200 × 2930 mm
Hopper volume 50L(main), 35L(asset)

Sample of Automatic Two Auger Head Powder Filling Machine

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