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Automatic Powder Twin-Sachet HFFS Packaging Machine

Twin-sachet Powder Packaging Machine


Twin-sachet powder packaging machine adopts full stainless steel configuration with vacuum feeding device and servo screw device. The machine uses concise duplex output design. The max speed can up to160 bags/min. It is economic solution for high speed packaging for small bag.


Twin-sachet powder packaging equipment is a kind of horizontal packing equipment, which is suitable for twin-sachet in high capacity. With auger filling system, it can pack powder material, such as health food powder, milk powder, coffee powder, Chinese herb powder, chemical powder, and drink powder in the industries of foodstuff, pharmacy and medicine.


1. With the high sealing strength and firm package, there are never the ragged edges. It is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, and feedstuff industry.
2 In packaging design, the twin-sachet powder packaging machine has upright and elegant appearance without liquid, powder around the end seal.
3 All the actions are driven by air cylinder, which improve machine’s efficiency, applicability and stability.
4. Servomotor control system is available for going down film, so that we can adjust dimension of film randomly.
5. The horizontal packing equipment is controlled by PLC with human-machine interface display, which is easy to operate.

Technical Parameter of Twin-sachet Powder Packaging Machine

Machine dimensions 3500 × 970 × 1500(L × W × H) mm
Weight 1500kg
Electric supply AC380V, 50Hz
Power 4.5kW
Air supply 0.5MPa
Air consumption 200NL/min
Packaging capacity 120 to 180ppm
Wide size 50 mm to 90 mm
High size 80 mm to 180 mm
Max. filling capacity 100ml

Packing Process of Horizontal Packing Equipment

1. Film unwind 4. Color scale detection 7.Vertical sealⅡ 10. Pouch clamp Ⅰ 13. Double pouch opening 16.Top seal
2. Bag forming 5.Bottom seal 8. Tear notch 11. Pouch clampⅡ 14. FillingⅠ 17.Finished product
3. Film guide 6.Vertical sealⅠ 9.Double cutting 12.Pouch pulling 15. FillingⅡ 18. Outlet

Sample of Automatic Powder Twin-Sachet HFFS Packaging Machine

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