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Automatic Double Side Bottle Labeling Machine

Model: XF-TBII


XF-TBII automatic double side bottle labeling machine achieves fast and accurate automatic labeling adhesive paper label or adhesive film label on profile plane, radian plane of profile, circular surface, and square surface of the products.


1. Label applicable: adhesive paper label, transparent label, bar code, code label, etc.
2. Product applicable: round/flat/square/abnormal bottle/drum, box or small carton, etc.
3. Industries applicable: Chemical, Electric, Medicine, Plastic, and Cosmetic industries, etc.
4. Application examples: medicine bottles, shampoo flat bottle labeling, lubricants flat bottle labeling, labeling for round bottle of shampoo.


1. The automatic double side bottle labeling machine features high labeling efficiency, accuracy, quality and stability.
2. Avoid many problems of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling, etc.
3. The bottle labeling equipment lower product cost effectively, improves the product aesthetics and promotes product competitiveness.

Parameters of Automatic Double Side Bottle Labeling Machine

Labeling precision ±1mm (exclude the product and label deviation)
Labeling speed 20 to 180pcs/minute (related to product size)
Product size applicable Flat/square bottle: ≥20mm, length≥20mm, 20≤height≤350mm;
Round/beaker flask:20≤diameter≤150mm, 10≤height≤350mm
Label size applicable 15≤width≤200mm, 10mm≤length
Size 2700 × 1500 × 1500 mm (length × width × height )
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Weight 250 kg
Remarks The machine can be customized according to requirement

Labeling Samples of Bottle Labeling Equipment

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