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Automatic Carton Packing Line


Shanghai Xingfei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. benefits from the experience of foreign success story, and combines the selfish condition to develop all kinds of high-end automatic carton packing line, horizontal automatic packing machine, etc. The automatic carton packaging machine includes the carton erector, case packer for bottle or bag, carton weight checking machine, carton sealing machine, palletizer and pallet wrapping machine.


Automatic carton packing line is widely used in food, daily and chemistry industries, such as milk powder, beer, beverage, instant noodle, detergent, boxed detergent powder, soap, etc.
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  • Automatic Case Palletizer
    This XFC-MD automatic case palletizer is used for accumulating and staking the loaded cartons to the pallet automatically, which can stack for layers, then sent out of the palletizer, it is easy for the forklift taking to the warehouse. ...
  • Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
    This XFC-ZC automatic pallet wrapping machine is used for wrapping up the products stacked on the pallet by stretch film, which could prevent the products falling from the pallet during transportation, and protect products from water and dust, easy transporting and storing. Automatic winding machine is widely used for food, beverage, chemistry, hardware, etc. ...